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Message from Simmer Down Sound Founder, Cosmos Ray

As we near our celebration on Saturday of five years of Simmer Down Sound, I am humbled and gratified to see how it has evolved and grown.  From a mellow Sunday night monthly at Door No. 3 at the Double Door in 2012, to one of the premier reggae residencies in Chicago today, Simmer Down has turned into more than just another reggae night.  It is a full out movement which not only honors the extraordinary musical culture and legacy of Jamaica but also actively promotes the celebration of diversity, inclusion, unity and understanding.

In 2011, I could not have imagined that Simmer Down would become what it has, but I had high hopes when I named it in tribute to the legendary ska anthem, which Bob Marley wrote in order to plead with the youths of a Kingston embroiled with violence.  The social, political and cultural climate we are experiencing today may be different from Marley’s Kingston, but his words were no less applicable when Simmer Down Sound was born.

The reggae scene in Chicago was both culturally and musically divided when Simmer Down Sound first opened its doors, and our experiment was simple.  Could we create a night which would unite all genres of the Jamaican musical canon under one roof, and which would warmly welcome all of the different groups of people who enjoy those genres?  Could we leave our ideologies, religions, and superficial distinctions at the door, and come together, “simmer down,” and celebrate?  

I am happy to say that on the day of our anniversary, the answer to that question is an emphatic and resounding YES.  Our events are infused with a unique sense of organized, yet organic chaos.  We never know what will happen next, from the style of music selected, to the films we screen, to the vocalists who join in with us.  We have created a space where there is room for all possibilities.  Keeping our audience on its feet is our homage to the dynamism of Soundsystem culture.  

Musically, the years have seen Simmer Down Sound resident DJs and host band Akasha progress exponentially in terms of acumen, collaboration, and reach.  We have worked with established international artists such as Johnny Osbourne, Carlton Livingston, Ranking Joe, and Charley Organaire, and we have created a venue for burgeoning artists such as D.O.V.E. Muzik, Concrete Roots, Heavyweight Dub, and Dub Foundation and many more.  We could not be more proud to be able to create room for both ends of the spectrum in our movement and to serve as a bridge between them.

Our fifth-anniversary show will be a perfect tribute to our accomplishments, introducing Jahdan Blakkamoore, a veteran artist from Guyana to the Chicago scene and also featuring his locally-based collaborator, Illuminati Congo.  As is our tradition, we will also pay homage to Jamaica’s vinyl tradition with our resident DJs bringing you all their favorite tunes from Jamaica’s many genres.  I look forward to celebrating with all Simmer Down regulars and warmly welcome all newcomers.  


Selector: King Tony Shares His Love of Jamaican Music at Simmer Down’s 5 Year Anniversary

Anthony “King Tony” Abbinanti rounds out Simmer Down Sound’s team of resident selectors.  While he is likely best known as the drummer and dub engineer extraordinaire for Chicago’s illustrious dub-outfit, The Drastics, King Tony wears many other hats.

As a dub engineer King Tony spent a couple of years working with Heavyweight Dub in addition to dubbing The Drastics. He is also a proficient producer, composer and studio engineer and runs Dirty North Studios. In addition to drums, King Tony also plays keys and baritone saxophone. He has lent his instrumental talents to Deals Gone Bad, JC Brooks and The Uptown Sound, Akasha, Hepcat and much more.

In 2017 King Tony started the Happy as a Lark record label, which has released The Drastics “Noir” album, accompanied by a dub version. They also have released four 7-inch vinyl singles from the two albums, including: “What A Ting” with rub-a-dub veterans, Michigan and Smiley, and “What The Lick” by Chicago deejay MC Zulu.

King Tony is also a self-proclaimed “amateur musicologist” who has delved deep into the study of Jamaican music.  He explains, “I was a ska kid in the nineties, so I started digging deeper into what this ‘ska’ thing really was and immediately encountered some of the later releases of The Skatalites…That led me to some of the Studio One and Trojan compilations from the 80s which opened up all this great music from 1960s Jamaica.  After getting my hands on more of these compilations I started following Jamaican music chronologically from ska to rocksteady to reggae to roots, etc…knowing how it got from A to Z gives you a deep appreciation of how music and culture evolves.”

As a result of his study, King Tony is also a versatile DJ, selecting vinyl sounds from the soul, reggae, and world genres. King Tony has worked with the Simmer Down Sound crew since we started as a guest selector, dub engineer, and drummer, and recently joined us as a resident selector.  He also has several other residencies in the city, including at the Wild Hare, Logan, Hardware, The Owl, Estereo, Punch House, Five Star Bar and The Broken Shaker. He also is a gifted graphic designer and has lent his talents to the design of many of the posters which have promoted our night over the years.

Clearly a devotee of the arts, King Tony has a particular love of reggae, saying “I think music can be good as a message, for a banner to rally under.  It can be constructive or destructive, distracting or enlightening. Reggae is a music I hold dear; the message, the struggle, the attitude, and the competitive nature all weave together to form a truly authentic and raw music.”  We at Simmer Down are thrilled to be celebrating our fifth anniversary with King Tony, Saturday, May 13th at Subterranean.   

Selector: MarcusIyah Reflects on His Tenure as a Reggae DJ in Light of Simmer Down’s 5 Year Anniversary

Resident Simmer Down selector MarcusIyah is a serious enthusiast of conscious reggae.  He has been listening to and collecting reggae music for over twenty-five years.  “I started listening to reggae around 1986 with an introduction by my sibling to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer. From there, I was introduced to some foundation dancehall artists like Eek-a-mouse, Brigadier Jerry, Halfpint, Gregory Isaacs and more through big reggae shows that passed through, like Reggae Sunsplash.”

When he moved to Chicago in 1995, MarcusIyah continued to grow his roots and culture collection and expanded toward modern conscious roots, early dancehall, rocksteady and more.  He explains his affinity for the music as follows: “Reggae music has been an integral part of my identity as it was the first genre of music that I got into as a youth, as my identity began to form. Moreover, it was the revolutionary message, the fighting against injustice, and wrongdoing and ultimately, the upful message of unity and love that drew me to this form of music.”


In 1998 MarcusIyah linked up with DJs Stranjah of São Paulo, Brasil and John Bless of NYC to form the Moa Anbessa Sound System and pursue one mission: to mash up the dance! Their first weekly Sunday night event at Subterranean in Chicago spread conscious roots and dancehall reggae music to the massive and included sessions with DeeJay/singer Jah Skoob and other friends who would nice up the mic. Moa Anbessa expanded to Chicago clubs like Lava Lounge, Cafe Lura, The Note, Danny’s and Sonotheque. Since Stranjah has relocated to Brasil and Jon to NYC, Moa Anbessa’s signature sound has traveled to their new homes and as far beyond them as Korea and Europe. In 2016, Simmer Down Sound hosted their reunion, celebrating their eighteen years together.

MarcusIyah can be heard regularly on WLUW 88.7FM with legendary reggae selector, Slacky J on the Reggae Vibes Show, which airs Friday nights, from 8:00 to 10:00 pm.  In his residency at Simmer Down, MarcusIyah continues to embrace the spirit of reggae consciousness and to use it as his revolutionary banner, saying that “reggae, similar to punk, hip-hop, and other socially conscious music, has the power to bring awareness to the social injustices and modern day challenges that face various societies and cultures. What other genres of music promotes brotherly love, culture, confidence, equality, love, honoring mama and papa, natural living, positive mindfulness, empathy, in such a stylish fashion?  Reggae music!”  At Simmer Down, we tilt our hats to MarcusIyah’s enthusiasm, and we can’t wait to celebrate our fifth anniversary with him, Saturday, May 13th at Subterranean!   

Selector: Rad Brian Is Ready for Simmer Down Sound 5 Year Anniversary

Rad Brain is yet another multitalented member of the Simmer Down Sound crew.  An iconic Chicago DJ and resident at Simmer Down, Rad Brian is the owner of Odd Obsession Movies, a niche video store in Chicago’s Wicker Park which purveys foreign, classic and independent genre films meant to open new mental spaces

When we asked Brian about the intersection of these interests, he explained “I definitely came to reggae through movies. Before I even thought of collecting reggae and dancehall vinyl, I was watching Jamaican cinema, classic films like “Country Man,” “The Harder They Come,” “Rockers” and “Smile Orange.” Reggae music was everywhere in these movies, so I couldn’t help but latch onto it. The soundtracks to these movies cover a “who’s who” of the 70’s and early 80’s scene. I started to really study the music, picking up as many 45’s from this era as I could find. The number of versions vocalized on the same riddim and variations in between blew my mind. From a collector’s standpoint, I began to see how awesome and seemingly never-ending that was.”

Rad Brian’s affinity for reggae and film brings a unique element to Simmer Down Sound as he curates and screens Western and martial arts films at our events, creating a visual aspect to the night which is a strangely perfect counterpoint to reggae music.  In addition to bringing his film aficionado skills to bear at Simmer Down, Brian brings his unique and wide-ranging vinyl collection to his DJ sets.  “Dancehall 45’s brought out the collector in me,” he says. “It quickly became my calling to try and find as many versions of a particular riddim as possible!”

Brian’s many other talents include his African music and hip-hop DJ skills.  He ran a monthly DJ night under his Odd Obsession brand at The Whistler and was also featured at a hip hop monthly hosted by Pseudo Slang.  Finally rounding out his already impressive resume, Brian also curates an exceptional collection of Ghanaian movie posters at Deadly Prey Gallery, a space co-created by Brian and his sister.   

While clearly a devotee to all art forms, Rad Brian pays particular homage to the special power of reggae music as a positive social force, saying “Music heals when so many other things can hurt. Reggae music is typically recognized as one of the most positive genres of music for good reason. While certain themes in dancehall music throughout the years might not always be thought of as clean and kind, nevertheless its empowering nature bleeds out strong and cannot be ignored.”  We at Simmer Down Sound could not agree more, and are thrilled to again feature Renaissance man Rad Brian at our Fifth Anniversary, this Saturday, May 13th at Subterranean!

Selector: The Graduate Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary of Simmer Down Sound

Nic The Graduate is truly a jack of all trades, making up one-half of reggae/hip hop duo Illuminati Congo, as well as being a professional photographer,  a multi-instrumentalist, and one of Chicago’s best DJs and producers.

A serious collector of reggae records, the Graduate boasts one of the best collections in the city, and his love affair with reggae goes way back.  “I laugh when people say they have been into something their whole life but I feel like I have been into reggae pretty much my whole life! My parents used to play Bob Marley around the house when I was in infant and they say the first song I ever requested when I was a kid was “Buffalo Soldier.”  Over the years reggae has seemed to play a larger and larger role in my life. I have continued to collect and discover new (or new to me) reggae records and find every opportunity to play them out for the people. I have met so many great friends through collecting and djing reggae.”  

As a DJ, The Graduate joined forces with Cosmos Ray, Akasha and Selector Aaron in 2012 as an original member of the crew running what was then known as Simmer Down Sundays at the Double Door.  He is also currently has a residency at the Whistler on Second Fridays.  

As a producer, The Graduate has put out three albums with Illuminati Congo and has participated in international collaborations with Lee “Scratch” Perry, Anthony B, Lutan Fyah, Midnite, Pressure, Big Youth, Burro Banton, King Kong, Pressure and JahDan Blakkamoore.  We at Simmer Down are happily anticipating imminent vinyl and digital releases of The Graduate’s productions on the Happy as a Lark label.  


The Graduate’s sensibilities with respect to reggae have definitely played a role in shaping Simmer Down Sound’s vision and mission with respect to embracing diversity and inclusivity.  When we asked him about how he felt about the role of reggae with respect to raising social consciousness, Nic said, “Part of my interest in reggae and hip hop especially is the very broad range of messages that can be found in the songs. When I DJ I try to cover as much of this range as possible because it is all interesting to me – often the message is something I can relate to, but sometimes it is so foreign I can only try to imagine what life is like for this person. It is good to see a strong new roots movement currently happening in Jamaica and around the world. Making this positive message more and more acceptable in the mainstream can definitely inspire change for the better.”  We at Simmer Down wholeheartedly concur with him, and are very happy to have The Graduate help us celebrate five years of building our movement this Saturday, May 13th at Subterranean!

Mr. Greenweedz to Host Simmer Down Sound 5 Year Anniversary

Mr. Greenweedz is a  legendary name in Chicago hip hop lore. He grew up on Chicago’s West Side, began rocking microphones in 1986 and he hasn’t stopped nor slowed his pace since. In the early 90’s he linked up with Chicago hip hop royalty, Capital D and Tone B Nimble of All Natural, who led a collective known as Unison. Unison evolved into Family Tree and the record label All Natural Inc.


Mr. Greenweedz enjoyed great success with Family Tree and also as a solo emcee. By the 2000s he was also the featured emcee of Grammy-nominated Liquid Soul. He has shared the stage with countless giants in hip hop and almost every other imaginable genre.


The video is an homage to the 1988 classic film They Live


In 2010 Greenweedz founded Hey Lil’ Baby Entertainment with Cosmos Ray and began working with acts like Rita J, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound and Adad. By 2013, Mr. Greenweedz added tastemaker to his resume as he became the talent buyer for Chicago’s legendary club, the Shrine. At the Shrine, Greenweedz booked some of the best in reggae and hip hop and hosted a weekly Sunday staple reggae night, Rocksteady Sundays. Rocksteady was the longest lasting recurring event at The Shrine and forged Mr. Greenweedz’s name as an impresario of reggae music in Chicago.


With respect to his love for reggae, Greenweedz says “My dad and brother turned me onto it back in the day with Bob Marley and Jacob Miller.  They used to go to Wild Hare and to Selassie Festival back in the day.  I couldn’t wait to get down.  I’m a hip hop artist but reggae might be my first love as far as digging the music, and I immediately found the connection between reggae and hip hop. It was an easy fit for me. I will always love reggae music which is why I’ve been down to put together events or be a part of them. I became a vegetarian as a result of the influence the music and culture has brought to me. I’m Ras as a result of it. It’s a very beautiful thing.”


In addition to emceeing and promoting reggae, Greenweedz recently began an acting career at Chicago’s legendary comedic institution The Second City, making his stage debut in the critically acclaimed Afrofuturism show. We at Simmer Down Sound are thrilled to have Mr. Greenweedz host our 5 Year Anniversary this Saturday, May 13th at Subterranean.

Illuminati Congo Live at Simmer Down Sound 5 Year Anniversary

Illuminati Congo is a Chicago-based one-of-a-kind project melding hip hop aesthetic with reggae consciousness, imagined and realized by visionary frontman Jahn Da Baptist and backed by production created by Nic the Graduate.   The last decade has seen few emcees as prolific and dynamic in lyrical content as Jahn Da Baptist, or such diversely influenced production as that of Nic The Graduate.

Borrowing from hip-hop, soul, funk and electronic strands and particularly reggae, Jahn’s ties to his music are not simply about aesthetics, and are rooted in early childhood. “My father used to play reggae when I was in grammar school and I took all the reggae he brought back from Jamaica. That was what brought me to Rastafari.”  

His personal connection to his music is clear from scripture imbibed songs like “Shiva Smokin’” to odes about physical immortality on “Eternal Life” to songs celebrating “Bike Ridin’” to the comedic admonishment of “Still Got My Sensi.”  

Jahn says that “reggae is music that encourages consciousness, activism, love, and good vibes. These are pillars for me.”

A regular collaborator with both local and national acts, Illuminati Congo has played and recorded with Lee “Scratch” Perry, KRS-One, Dead Prez, Big Youth, Lutan Fyah, Digable Planets, Shabazz Palaces, Del the Funky Homosapien, Anthony B, Burro Banton, King Kong, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Perfect Giddimani, Sa-Roc, and Rocker T, among others.  With the release of two albums in July, Illuminati Congo continues its prolific creative clip.  Jahn attributes the rate of his creative output to feeling inspired by the current political and cultural situation, stating simply, “If we can continue to spread the message of roots and culture, acceptance and compassion through the music and embody it in our day to day relations, it’ll help our situation.”

We always love to have Illuminati Congo at Simmer Down Sound and are thrilled to have them as our very special guest for this occasion. Illuminati Congo has three songs with Jahdan and will join Jahdan for a couple songs on Jahdan’s set this Saturday, May 13th at Subterranean for our 5 Year Anniversary!


Jahdan To Headline Simmer Down Sound’s 5 Year Anniversary

Jahdan Blakkamoore is a veteran on the reggae, dancehall and hip hop scenes. Hailing from Guyana, this erudite troubadour built his foundation in Brooklyn. His early days with the Boot Camp Clik alerted the world to his ability to rock a beat with songs like Smif-N-Wessun’s “Sound Bwoy Buriell.”  In 2013 Jahdan was nominated for a grammy for his work with Major Lazer on Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated album. Today you can find Jahdan touring as a solo artist or with his crew, Noble Society.

Though he is well known for spanning genres, we recently spoke to Jahdan about his introduction to reggae. Jahdan says, “I came in contact with reggae music in my teenage years. The music was introduced to me by my father who had a huge collection of music including jazz, R&B, etc. The significance of reggae and music, in general, has had a huge impact on my life. When I encountered reggae it opened my mind to many social and global issues. The music shaped my perception of life.” Jahdan’s sentiments can be heard throughout his catalog and on cameos throughout his career.

Last month Jahdan linked up with Selecta 7’s Ganja Bizness riddim. Selecta 7 Sound’s modern twist on the classic Rub-A-Dub Prince Jazzbo “Sensi Addict Riddim.” In addition to Jahdan, this riddim features versions from the likes of Gappy Ranks, King Mas, and Bobby Hustle. Jahdan focused on the healing aspects of ganja on the track, “Natural Healing”

“Well look how long we need to tell them the same thing,
Said the Herb was created for the healing,
And we no want no substitute,
Give me the natural that me want fi use!”

Jahdan goes on to speak about the economics of the ganja bizness and how so many have sacrificed to make sure the healing herb can be accessible to those who need it.

Last year Jahdan linked up with triumvirate production crew, Zion I Kings, on their Lifetime riddim to create “Yes To Life.” Jahdan exclaims, “I just saw the new today, well right about now the whole world need a holiday! There’s gotta be a better way. Me wish we could find time to play.”

Displaying his melodic skills over a soulful roots reggae accompaniment, Jahdan encourages us to leave stress and worry behind and reminds the listener that happiness is a choice or perspective and that we must live life to its fullest potential even when life is challenging, as each day is precious and a blessing.

Jahdan furthered echoed these sentiments to us with regard to music. “I believe that music has the power to greatly influence the mind and body of the listener. The groove coupled with the message has the potential to transform the mind and attitude o f its listener. Music when produced correctly, that is, with the right mindset will enhance the listener’s environment.”

We at Simmer Down Sound are thrilled to welcome Jahdan Blakkamoore as the headlining artist for our five-year anniversary celebration in Chicago at Subterranean Saturday, May 13th!


Jahdan links: