Simmer Down Select Series

The Simmer Down Select Series is a specialized music project created by Simmer Down Sound (“SDS”), a Chicago­-based movement honoring the extraordinary musical culture and legacy of Jamaica. Its aim is to “select” the best and brightest reggae artists from the foundational legends of Jamaica to emerging stars from around the globe and to bring them to participate in Chicago’s burgeoning reggae scene.

Based upon the success of SDS events featuring Jamaican legends such as Carlton Livingston and Charley Organaire, we decided to create an additional series called Simmer Down Select. Simmer Down Select debuted October 9, 2016, with reggae titan, Johnny Osbourne. The second Simmer Down Select was headlined by Ranking Joe.

Featuring these artists has given Chicago reggae musicians and fans a unique chance to connect, collaborate and network with some of the greatest pioneers of reggae. From rehearsing together to performing together, to recording dubplates together, these musical collaborations have enriched the artistic practice of Chicago’s reggae musicians. Further, they have greatly helped to unify a previously fractured cultural scene, as well as generate a unique body of recordings.

We are honored and grateful for the ever growing support that has allowed us to present Simmer Down Select, and for all the great talents who have been a part of our events, and we look forward to continuing to expand our movement.